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    Master degree course

    International marketing, management and organization
Access admission unrestricted
Class LM-77 Management
Credits 120
Duration 2 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent

International marketing, management and organization

The Master program learning goals allow the creation of professional profiles able to hold both intermediate and top-level positions in international, innovative and sustainable companies, and in various business functions, such as marketing, HRM, quality management and sustainability development. Such positions might refer either to single firms and to business networks, business groups, as well as to business consulting firms.
The Master program aims to provide students skills to understand and interpret from a managerial perspective those phenomena concerning internalization patterns as well as business technological innovation inside firms.
Such orientation drives the provision of various courses encompassing heterogeneous subjects: from negotiation in cross cultural business to international marketing and management; from quality management to business process reengineering; from innovation management to laboratories of business strategies and politics. Cross-capabilities will be provided as well, with specific courses covering international legislation and performance measurement techniques.
The Master program extensively employs participatory learning processes such as: discussion of case studies; development of case histories; project works; company visits; learning laboratories and internships.
By the end of the Master Program, students will have gained both specific and soft skills, ranging from the diverse contents of the courses, to linguistic skills enhanced by a learning experience entirely taught in English, to on-field skills, making students highly competitive profiles in the contemporary job market.

Professional opportunities in the areas of marketing and sales, human resource management, research and development, quality and sustainability, internazionalization in the field of top management activities at corporate and business unit level, as management consultants, or in research centers. The graduate student has also the competences to start an entrepreneurial activity.

Students with a foreign degree must have at least a relevant bachelor's degree (i.e., a bachelor's degree with a major in economics, business, management). Students must provide proof of English proficiency - B2.
Fulfillment of the above requirements, in addition to other relevant personal experiences and competencies, as well as a demonstrated ability to use English at a level at level B2 or above, will be verified by an admission committee.
Further info here: https://www.uniud.it/en/uniud-international/International_Students/enrolment-recognition-of-foreign-titles-and-diplomas