Corso di laurea magistrale

Gli uomini pratici, che si ritengono completamente liberi da ogni influenza intellettuale, sono generalmente schiave di qualche economist defunto. (J.M. KEYNES)
2 anni
LM-56 Scienze dell'economia

The master program in “Economics/Scienze Economiche” complies with the structures and contents of well-established international Masters in Economics. It also provides an interdisciplinary education with a solid knowledge in business, law, mathematics and statistics for economics. A particular attention is devoted to historical and critical aspects of economic analysis.

In a rapidly changing economic environment, it is important for both public institutions and private companies to hire people who are flexible and capable to analyse the transformation of the markets and the economic system thanks to the tools acquired during the program.

Graduate students in Economics/Scienze economiche are prepared for specialised and managerial activities both in the public and private sector: they can fill positions in qualified research centres, authorities, financial institutions, banks, different kinds of firms.

The master program in Economics/Scienze economiche is divided into two curricula: “Economics” and “Sustainable Development”. The first one provides a general formation in Economics and permits students to obtain a double degree from the Universities of Udine and Graz. The curriculum in Sustainable Development includes a wide variety of advanced courses aiming at developing a deep understanding of each dimension of sustainability.

Teaching activities takes place on three days per week over a semester of twelve weeks.

The solid knowledge offered by the program allows students to continue their education at the PhD level in Italy and abroad.