Fundamentals of Web Applications

Programma dell'insegnamento di Fundamentals of Web Applications - cdl magistrale in Ingegneria Elettronica


prof. aggr. Luca DI GASPERO



Obiettivi formativi specifici/Objectives

Learn principles and techniques for the design and the development of computer applications that make use of web technologies.

Competenze acquisite/Acquired skills

- Analysis and design of complex application with web-based user interface.
- Development of applications using HTML, PHP, and JavaScript with database interaction capabilities.

Programma/Lectures and exercises

Introduction to web applications: the WWW and the applications; client-side and server-side applications; available technologies (2 hours).
HTTP: the HTTP protocol (4 hours).
Markup languages: the HTML language. Evolution of HTML and XHTML. Style sheets (CSS). Introduction to XML (8 hours).
Introduction tp PHP: introduction to PHP, scope, interpreters and compilers, evolutions, current versions (4 hours).
PHP: basic programming: variables, statements, control structures, data structures, input and output; input and output from file (6 hours).
Object-oriented programming in PHP (v.5): classes and objects in PHP5; object-oriented principles in PHP5 (6 hours).
Tools for web applications in PHP: management of HTML forms in PHP; use of GET and POST; use of cookies and sessions for user interaction (6 hours).
Database access in PHP: relational database access functions; connections and transactions; cursors and other methods for interaction with the DBMS in PHP (4 hours).
Client-side technologies: scope and use of client-side technology; client-side languages; event-driven programming; the JavaScript language; versions and compatibility issues in JavaScript; JavaScript and DOM for HTML documents (6 hours).
Design of web applications: analysis and design of web applications. Implementation with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and relational databases (6 hours).
Labs (8 hours).


- Della Mea V., Di Gaspero L., Scagnetto I. Tecnologie Web Lato Server (Seconda Edizione). Apogeo, 2011 (in Italian)
- Nixon R. Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites. O'Reilly Media; 2nd edition, 2012

Modalità d'esame/Type of exam

Homeworks (not mandatory), practical assignment and oral examination