Career center


Based on the model of the best American Business Schools, the new and advanced CAREER CENTER UNIUD, officially opened on July 4th 2014, pursues the main objectives of:

  • Encouraging job opportunities (in Italy and abroad) for graduates along all their professional life;
  • Boosting internship opportunities for students and graduates;
  • Finding out and distribute scholarships to facilitate the graduates’ entrance into the labor market;
  • Planning of ˝Mercoledì del placement” (Placement on Wednesday) and CAREER DAY UNIUD: job placement events designed to facilitate the relationship between companies and graduates/students. The participating companies display what are their peculiarities and demands and participants can be interviewed. An important moment where supply and demand meet.


Since its opening, the Career Center Uniud has published more than 1100 job offers, collected 3500 CVs and delivered more than 7000 candidacies, facilitating at least 300 job/internships contracts.


Career Portal

The CAREER CENTER has its own website where you can find the CAREER PORTAL. Thanks to this portal UNIUD students and graduates can receive the job offers directly on their e-mail address and choose to apply. This is a very new tool to manage the matching of supply and demand between graduates and companies.


Job Offers

The Career Center Uniud operates through a highly qualified team, who manages an actual desk for companies, offering a complete set of free services including:

  • Conveyance of job offers towards graduates: our personnel leads the company to formulate a job offer responding to the company’s demands concerning candidates requirements;
  • Research of graduates matching the requirements of job offers and delivery of a first bunch of CVs to the companies within 5 working days.



Placement on Wednesday

The companies meet our graduates a Wednesday per month. In each one of these events, important companies present their profile directly to UNIUD graduates and students who can be interviewed by the managers of the participating companies and they can hand out their own CVs to the personnel of each company.


Job Breakfast

During all the day, the companies, which take part at this event displayed their profile to graduates and students of the University, each one from its own stand. Moreover, it was possible to make short job interview and present as a candidate.