Supervisore: Prof. Lazzer

Endurance training and obesity

My research project is focused on comparing different types of endurance training involved in improving the body composition and physical capacities of healthy obese male adults. Typically, the current scientific literature proposed two type of training for improving maximal oxygen uptake (V’O 2 max) and body composition of adults with obesity: High intensity interval training (HIIT) and moderate intensity continuous training (MICT). However, recent evidences showed that the combination of HIIT and MICT performed in the same training session, or in a weekly training, increased fat oxidation during exercise and in the acute recovery phase more than MICT alone. At the same time, the combination of HIIT and MICT reduced body mass and fat mass, as well increased cardiorespiratory fitness equal or more than HIIT alone. One of the combination of HIIT and MICT in the world of sports science it is called Polarized Training (POL). Thus, the aims of my research project are to determine the effects of POL and HIIT in obese healthy male adults on: body composition, maximal V’O 2 max, and ventilatory thesholds.