VESCOVO Maddalena

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Supervisore: Dr.ssa Spessotto

The impact of EMILIN-1 in lymphatic dysfunction, microenvironment alterations and Gastric Cancer progression

Gastric cancer is one of the most common carcinomas worldwide and is characterized by a particular contribution of the tumor microenvironment to the aggressive biology of this malignant disease. Tumor progression is accompanied by striking changes in the lymphatic vessels. Moreover, lymphatic metastasis is the most common feature of gastric cancer spread and represents the most important prognostic factor determining clinical outcome. Recently, a functional relationship between EMILIN-1, a component of the extracellular matrix, tumor growth, and lymphangiogenesis has been demonstrated. EMILIN-1 is an essential structural element for the maintenance and function of lymphatic vessels and has an antiproliferative effect through interaction with α4β1-integrin. Considering that inflammation, lymphangiogenesis and extracellular matrix alterations are relevant pathogenic mechanisms in gastric cancer, the aim of our project is to shed light on the role of EMILIN-1 in this type of tumor.