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Master Erasmus Mundus di I livello “Euroculture” a.a. 2019-2020


  • Typology: Full time
  • Level: I
  • Duration of the programme: 550 hours
  • Period of carrying out: October 2019 - June 2021
  • Location: University of Udine and universities of the Euroculture network
  • Places available: 25
  • Degrees granted: Successful students of the Euroculture programme will receive a joint Master of Arts degree in Euroculture from both European universities they will study in during the 2-year programme
  • Deadline to present the application for admission: 30 September 2019


The Erasmus Mundus Master Programme “Euroculture” is an interdisciplinary, international Master activated at the Univesity of Udine.
The Erasmus Mundus Master "Euroculture" is offered by a network of eight European and four non-European universities: Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), Göttingen (Germany), Groningen (The Netherlands), Kraków (Poland), Olomouc (Czech Republic), Strasbourg (France), Udine (Italy), Uppsala (Sweden), Indiana (United States), UNAM (Mexico), Osaka (Japan), Pune (India).
The mandatory mobility is a crucial element in the Euroculture programme.
The programme develops around the core topic “European Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context”, which is common to all partner universities. It is an interdisciplinary course, which provides graduates with advanced education for professions and activities where knowledge of European culture and EU institutions is particularly important. Graduates are thus competitive in an increasingly international employment market.



The course provides students with the means necessary to analyze social phenomena on a European scale, to understand how European institutions and organizations work, and to reflect on historical and cultural factors which play a key role in the process of European integration.


First semester 30

1. Core concepts of European society, politics and culture:

  1. European Political Systems
  2. European Screen Studies
  3. European Union Law
  4. Human Rights in Europe, Past and Present
  5. History and Politics of European Integration








2. Eurocompetence I
Second semester 30
3. Research Seminars

4. Methodology and Theory Seminars


5. Eurocompetence II
6. Intensive Programme
Third semester 30
7. Internship (or Research Seminars)
8. MA Thesis (outline)
Fourth semester 30
9. Eurocompetence III
10. MA Thesis (conclusion) + Thesis Seminar



Enrolment in the Master programme at the University of Udine requires one of the following degrees:
- Italian Undergraduate degree
- Italian Graduate degree
- a foreign degree of equivalent standing
Euroculture candidates will be selected according to selection criteria common to all partner universities. Applications for admission to the Master programme are to be presented by means of an online application tool. Here you can find all the information you need in order to apply for the programme

European Erasmus programme grants are available to support second semester mobility. Thanks to an agreement between BBC Fvg, BCC Credito Consumo and the University of Udine new financial instruments have been made available for the students. For further information:

The students who don’t receive a grant fully or partially covering the fees can apply for a fee reduction voucher. The voucher is in the form of a partial reimbursement of tuition fees after the successful completion of the course. The amount of the reimbursement (for the whole programme) is € 1.000 for EU/EEA-EFTA/candidate countries students and € 2.000 for third country students.


EU/EEA passport holders: 1.475€ per semester.

Non-EU/EEA passport holders: 4.500€ per semester.

Please refer to the Students Information Booklet for further information. 


Prof. Bergamini Elisabetta
Associate Professor in European and International Law/ in Euroculture teaches European Union Law.

Prof. Cucchini Marco
Lecturer of Comparative Public Law/ in Euroculture teaches European Political Systems.

Prof. Holdaway Dominic
Lecturer of European Screen Studies/ in Euroculture teaches European Screen studies.

Prof. Lotti Brunello
Associate professor in History of Philosophy/ in Euroculture teaches History of European Ideas and Cultures.

Prof. Luca Cristina
Lecturer of Eurocompetence I/ in Euroculture teaches Eurocompetence I.

Prof. Napolitano Angela
Lecturer of European Union Law/ in Euroculture teaches European Union Law.

Prof. Zannini Andrea
Full professor of Modern History and Director of the Department of History at University of Udine/ in Euroculture teaches European Contemporary History.

Prof. De Anna Gabriele
Assistant professor in Philosophy and Political Thought/ in Euroculture teaches European Political Thought.

Prof. Komninos Nickolas
Assistant professor of IP preparation/ in Euroculture teaches IP preparation.

Prof. Pascoli Monica
Adjunct professor in Cultural Sociology/ in Euroculture teaches Eurocompetence II and Theory and metodology of social research.

Prof. Pocecco Antonella
Assistant professor in Sociology of Culture/ in Euroculture teaches Intercultural processes of the European context.

Prof. Saidero Deborah
Assistant professor of IP preparation/ in Euroculture teaches IP preparation.



Participating Universities: