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Sede Udine
Titolo di studio richiesto laurea triennale

International marketing, management and organization

Descrizione del corso

International Marketing, Management & Organization is a two-year Master of Science program (Laurea Magistrale) designed to enhance students' business education and provide a strong foundation for their career advancement. The program combines academic rigor with exposure to the business world. Internationalization, innovation, and sustainability are central to the program, both in terms of approach and study subjects.

The International Marketing, Management & Organization Master's course is the result of the evolution of the educational offerings of the Department of Economics Science and Statistics. Initially, it was a curriculum offered in English within the Laurea magistrale in Economia Aziendale. However, due to positive feedback from students and the need to create a fully English program, it became an independent Master's degree.
The Master's Degree in International Marketing, Management & Organization adopts a participatory learning approach, incorporating laboratory activities alongside traditional teaching methods. The goal is twofold: to provide students with specific and up-to-date skills demanded by the market, and to foster interaction and integration between managerial competencies and technical skills, thus enhancing employability in companies, business networks, research and innovation centers, and consultancy firms.
The Master's Degree in International Marketing, Management & Organization: a) is the first fully English Laurea magistrale program in International Business in Friuli Venezia Giulia. b) meets the needs of a region with a strong international focus, requiring professionals with relevant skills. c) may be of interest to foreign students already residing in the region and seeking an English-language course. d) responds to the growing interest of international students in Italian higher education.
Students will develop the skills necessary to hold middle and top-management positions in international, innovative, and sustainable companies. The course prepares students for roles in various functions such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, R&D, Quality, business consulting, or entrepreneurship.
The curriculum allows students to delve into the most pressing issues facing internationalized firms today, including cross-cultural negotiation, international marketing, quality management, business process reengineering, innovation management, and international logistics.
Upon completion of the Master's program, students will be highly competitive in the contemporary job market due to their cutting-edge knowledge of specialized management topics and the skills they have developed through practical experiences, including studying in a multicultural class and working on company projects.

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