Supervisore: Dr. Vascotto

Live confocal microscopy approaches for evaluation of oligonucleotide delivery

This project will focus on the development and optimisation of protocols for the in vitro delivery of oligonucleotides, and will use biochemical analyses and microscopy-based approaches to evaluate the intake, localisation, and subcellular distribution of the oligonucleotides, as well as the half-life and cellular effects of the oligonucleotides, such as viability and morphoplogy. As part of the Vascotto lab of the Molecular Biology Group, there will also be a keen focus on the mitochondria, due to the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in disease and difficulty they represent for delivery. As part of the project there are planned secondments at Sixfold Bioscience (London, UK; to work on oligonucleotide conjugation, at University of Gent (Gent, BE; for oligonucleotide derivatisation and modification, and at the CNRS (Marseille, FR; for application of cancer cell models.