Students e-mail service (English version)

Spes is the official communication channel between the University of Udine and students

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It is the one you have chosen for Spes
If it doesn’t work, follow these instructions “Password Recovery”.

E-mail address

Usually is
You can use also
(not or

Other information

Given that there may be problems with homonymy, the address may have a different format (for example: To verify your address go into your Web-based mail, go to the "my account" icon at the top right and select "my Office profile" from the menu item.

Password Recovery Policy

The procedure for recovering a lost password CANNOT be done from the Microsoft login interface. You have to follow the instructions above listed.

Password change

The password to access to your mailbox is the same password used to connect to the WiFi network and to the computers of the University computer rooms (except those of Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics) and to the on line libraries.
If you change Spes psw, the accesses listed above change too.

If you don’t know the password (or it doesn’t work) follow the recovery procedure (*) described below.

The rules (**) to choose the new password are described below.

To change the password:
using your credentials (username: or (username: access the website

and follow the instructions. Be informed that you can view the page in English language, selecting the flag at the bottom of the page.

Password Recovery/Reset (*)

If you have forgotten your password or if the password doesn’t work follow these instructions.

This procedure is for users who need to reset the password of their Uniud mailbox (@uniud and accounts).
When choosing the password to be set, it is recommended to follow these Rules (**)

The new password must meet the following requirements:

  • It must consist of at least 8 characters - maximum 16
  • must contain characters from the following categories:
    - uppercase letters (A to Z): at least one
    - lowercase letters (a to z): at least one
    - digits (0 to 9): at least one
    - ONLY the following special characters may be used: ! % / ( ) = - _ , . (no others!)
  • must not contain three or more consecutive characters of one's first or last name (or IDnumber if student)
  • must not be the same as the previous one.

There are two ways to reset the password:

  1. Automated recovery (recommended)

If your mobile number is linked to your profile you can proceed independently to set up a new one password: enter your username on the page for automated recovery.

Be informed that you can view the page in English language, selecting the flag at the bottom of the page.

After checking the existence of your user, the system will send you a code via SMS. The code has to be entered in the verification field and, if the entering is correct, will allow you to create a new password; if you do not receive the SMS within a few minutes click on "Resend code" or try again after a few minutes.

Check your linked mobile number

Procedure for check the linked mobile number (which is used for automated password recovery)

You should verify the mobile number linked with your account, which can be used for any automated password recovery in the future. Log in on this page using your Spes credentials:

Be informed that you can view the page in English language, selecting the flag at the bottom of the page.

Then click on "Update Profile" and check your mobile number or enter it, if missing.

The number should be entered with the two numbers of the country code, without the + (e.g., for Italian number 39 should be entered, followed by the full mobile number, without spaces).

Finally confirm by clicking on "Update."

  1. Require a new password using the on line form

If it is not possible to follow the above described procedure (if the mobile number has not been entered yet or the mobile number is not correct so you do not receive the sms) you have to fill in the following online form. Please, pay attention to filling in rightly the required fields (in the field "Email address" you have to enter a PERSONAL email address - not or – because the notification of the psw reset will be sent to this email box) and to the choice of the password which must meet the requirements listed above.

- for account: online form

- for accounts online form