AIRC 2021 - Reverse the silencing: Targeting the MEF2-class IIa HDACs axis in leiomyosarcomas.

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The proposal aims to extend, our initial discovery about a role of MEF2D and HDAC9 in sustaining the aggressiveness of LMS, and to clarify the role of this epigenetic circuit in the regulation of key regulative elements of the genome such as the super-enhancers, Goals are to understand the alterations of higher-order chromatin organization in LMS and their dependence on the MEF2-HDAC axis, as well as to clarify the implications in the metastatic process and in the immune escape. In parallel, the proposal aims to propose new therapeutic approaches to reverse the epigenetic silencing imposed in LMS.



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First map of the 3D genome and enhancers reorganization in LMS. Determination of the role of MEF2-HDAC axis in enhancer reorganization and cancer cell fate. Unveiling the contribution of the axis to the prometastatic and immune-suppressive phenotypes of LMS. Identification of a new panel of MEF2-HDAC inhibitors with potent anti-neoplastic value.



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